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Gig Alert India

We're a company focused in providing best events in your city. Everything from the latest in live music events, to festivals and concerts, standup comedy and social media live events, coaching or webinar, workshops and much more. You can choose from a variety of events depending on your taste and preferences.


For Event Organizers and Planners:


1. Do-It-Yourself Tool

  • We provide an awesome online, do it yourself, event ticketing and registration platform to sell event tickets online without any hassle

2. Create Any Type of Event

  • Now you can create any event with just few easy clicks. Simply, create your event, add ticket category (Free or Paid), and Publish your event.

3. Our Mission

  • Is to help our community of event finders with all kinds of events to cater to their growing needs and also to help Event Organizers, artists, performers and individuals to host their creativity or we call it "Events" on our platform.




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